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Paroles de paix en terre autochtone
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Mohawk culture, values and traditions

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Paroles de paix en terre autochtone Culture, valeurs et traditions mohawks

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English edition available.

Teachings that speak of the importance of women, respect for
nature and universal peace.

English edition available

Historically, the Mohawk First Nation has long been associated with violence, although their society is based on the Great Law of Peace. At long last, this book draws back a veil
on the true nature of the Mohawk people.

For an entire year, Guylaine Cliche spent time with people from the Traditional Mohawk Council of Kahnawake, attended ceremonies and recorded their teachings. To echo the oral tradition, she has organized the book like a talking circle, in which fifteen people from nine different clans express themselves.

This little-known culture cannot be understood without the knowledge of certain traditional teachings unfamiliar to outsiders. As a matrilineal nation, the Mohawks speak to us, of how urgent it is to re-establish female power in our modern societies. A new universal  equilibrium must emerge, based on respect for the environment and a return to values of peace and understanding among nations.

A heartfelt plea to make a better world a reality, this book leads us into a universe endowed with a rich and deep spirituality. It encourages us to reengage with our roots and makes us want to take concrete action to honour and respect our Mother Earth. See complete product information (French)
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29,95 $ CAD
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May 2016
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280 pages


Guylaine Cliche

Guylaine Cliche

Guylaine Cliche specializes in non-fiction writing. When she writes, she doesn't just talk about her subject – she immerses herself in the universe she wants to describe. For this book, she actually spent time residing in Kahnawake, absorbing Mohawk culture and traditions. See full author information (French)

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