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International Rights / Droits internationaux

Spirituality / Spiritualité

  • Eveillez Votre Pouvoir De Guerison

    Pierre Lessard

    Discover within yourself the key to your health, using practical and powerful tools!

    Thanks to our cells' intelligence, we all have, intuitively and unconsciously, a vast knowledge of our own body and its mechanisms. Pierre Lessard invites us to recapture this innate knowledge to regain our full power of self-healing. To do this, we [...]

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  • Creez La Vie Qui Vous Ressemble

    Anne-Marie Jobin

    Our creativity expresses itself in a thousand ways: within each of us lies powerful and abundant creative energy.

    Learning to play the guitar, opening a restaurant, starting a second careereach of these projects stems from an idea, an inner call, and becomes reality driven by this invaluable source of creative energy, which defines, supports and nourishes us. [...]

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  • Autre Voie De Guerison -L'

    Jean-Paul Simard

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  • Lettres A Kateri [ctjc]

    Xavier Gravend-Tirole

    A fascinating book, along the lines of Sophies World, by Jostein Gaarder

    This is the surprising and inspiring correspondence between a man named Xavier, who has given up everything to enter a small monastic community, and one Kateri, whom he loved deeply. A non-believer, Kateri questions Xaviers choices and views. She [...]

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  • On Nous Appelait Les Sauvages

    Marie-Josée Tardif, Dominique Rankin

    A journey into the world of the Amerindians

    Books about Amerindians abound, the majority written by non-Natives, though none, until now, has featured the viewpoint and testimony of an Algonquin chief, telling his personal story and that of his fellow Amerindians. Born on the banks of the [...]

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  • En Quete De Sens

    Jean Proulx

    Learn how to recognize the signs of meaning and beauty all around you.

    This book opens up a path toward a new spirituality for all those in search of meaning and guidance. In the bosom of the universe, of organic life and of humanity itself, reigns a kind of superior power that is not to be discovered through [...]

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  • Eloge De La Fausse Note

    Marc Vella

    Learn from false notes and grow.

    For more than 20 years, the French pianist Marc Vella has crisscrossed the world with his chosen instrument, giving free recitals and mingling among the peoples of the globe. With everyone he meets, Vella exchanges smiles, friendly greetings, [...]

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  • Et Le Vent A Souffle Sur La Glaise

    Benoît Seguin

    A house at some distance from the road. A stream. Clay. A middle-aged woman and her two daughters, one still a child, the other almost grown up. The village finds out about this mysterious outsider, nicknamed the Walker, who makes unusual footwear [...]

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  • Dieu Sans Nom -Un

    Raynald Valois

    Throughout the western world, Christian faith and religious practice are disappearing. Nonetheless, most people still feel that there is another world beyond what we can see. We have a feeling that a supernatural and infinite Supreme Being governs [...]

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  • Heritage Spirituel Amerindien -L'

    Jacques Languirand, Jean Proulx

    This book is an invitation to travel into spiritual territory, home of the Amerindians of North America: there readers will discover the Great Spirit, the creating god inseparable from cosmic powers. This book is about the mystical nature of their [...]

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  • Dieu Cosmique -A La Rech.dieu Einstein

    Jacques Languirand, Jean Proulx

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