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International Rights / Droits internationaux

Psychology & Self-Help / Psychologie & développement personnel

  • AUTHOR OF MY LIFE - Taking flight with sensory writing


    Auteur de ma vie

    Guylaine Cliche

    Discover sensory writing, a life tool for everyone.

    The aura of prestige around the literary world sometimes makes us think that writing workshops are reserved for elites only. And yet, you don't have to be a poet or novelist to pursue this activity and enjoy its many benefits. Whatever language or [...]

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  • A GRIEF NOTEBOOK - A creative diary for expressing loss


    Carnet de deuil

    Nathalie Hanot

    Navigating the grieving process through creativity.

    All loss is painful. Grief for a loved one is especially hard to bear, but divorce, the end of a relationship, a move, loss of physical abilities, goals or projects all lead to a journey known as “the grieving process”. Through the activities and [...]

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  • THE FOOL - A philosophical tale


    Le fou

    Lucie Mandeville

    Reality is not what you think it is; existence is not what you believe it to be; this you will learn on the day of your death.

    This is the tale of a fool who, having committed a crime, leaves his home and wanders into the wilderness.  What is this crime? We don't really know, but Éloïse - whom he met in hospital and who had accompanied him to the mountain a few days earlier [...]

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