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Lettres à Kateri
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Letters to Kateri

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Lettres à Kateri

A fascinating book, along the lines of Sophies World, by Jostein Gaarder

This is the surprising and inspiring correspondence between a man named Xavier, who has given up everything to enter a small monastic community, and one Kateri, whom he loved deeply. A non-believer, Kateri questions Xaviers choices and views. She admits she is fiercely critical of the Catholic Church, often finding it infuriating and exasperating. But who is Kateri really? Midway between reality and fiction, this young woman could represent anyone who is rebellious, skeptical or simply curious in the face of modern Christianity. The fruit of long gestation, these letters invite readers to discuss and question the many facets of faith and call to mind the purest essence of Christianity: a tradition full of joy, love and peace, which does not try to force its point of view on others, but dares to smile on them with kindness, whatever their path. A tradition that does not entrench itself behind a citadel of certainties, but dares to listen to the strong winds of modern-day issues and measure itself against them. A tradition that does not arouse a fear of grim tomorrows, but rather a profound happiness at being alive.
The books strong points
      • The exchange of letters makes for an authentic exchange of ideas and a highly nuanced dialogue.
      • Christianity is discussed in a personal way, but with a profound degree of knowledge of its fundamental principles.
      • The author is very liberal in his approach and does not try to defend the institution or its rules; with an open mind, he discusses the burning questions of today, including the marriage of priests, sexual morality, the role of women in the Church, etc.
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      4,95 $ CAD
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      January 2012
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      232 pages


      Xavier Gravend-Tirole

      Xavier Gravend-Tirole

      Born in Montreal, Xavier Gravend-Tirole is a PhD assistant at the Universit de Lausanne. He is writing his PhD thesis on interreligious cross-fertilization under joint thesis supervision at the Université de Montréal and the Université de Lausanne. See full author information (French)

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