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En quête de sens
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In Search of Meaning

Reading the Cosmic God

Original Title

En quête de sens Sur les traces du Dieu cosmique

Learn how to recognize the signs of meaning and beauty all around you.

This book opens up a path toward a new spirituality for all those in search of meaning and guidance. In the bosom of the universe, of organic life and of humanity itself, reigns a kind of superior power that is not to be discovered through traditional religious venues. The cosmic God exists within the laws of physics, in the miracle of nature, and in human consciousness. It is manifested in the depth of our despairs and enchantments—the most significant experiences of our existence—and it is precisely at such moments that we must seek the path of true spirituality. With the aid of science, philosophy and poetry, the author invites us to carefully scan all the evidence of meaning and beauty that can be detected around us. A re-awakened consciousness will help you develop your life's creative talents, and so create a better and meaningful world. See complete product information (French)
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24,95 $ CAD
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September 2011
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304 pages


Jean Proulx

Jean Proulx

A philosopher and theologian, Jean Proulx was secretary-general ofQuebec's Conseil supérieur de l'éducation. He contributes to variousjournals, gives lectures and teaches philosophy in continuing educationat Université Laval. See full author information (French)

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