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Un Dieu sans nom
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A God Without a Name

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Un Dieu sans nom Pour ceux qui ne croient pas

Throughout the western world, Christian faith and religious practice are disappearing. Nonetheless, most people still feel that there is another world beyond what we can see. We have a feeling that a supernatural and infinite Supreme Being governs the world.  We believe death is not the end of everything and that relatives we have buried live on somewhere else. But at the same time we are bothered by the apparent absurdity of existence. We feel anger at the suffering of all the children who are exploited or starving, of women brutalized and raped, of victims of earthquake, tsunamis and hurricanes.
This essay suggests completely original, simple and straightforward answers that will help many readers to see that life is not absurd and that there really is a Supreme Being, whatever we choose to call him. He is at the origin of the universe and carries responsibility for the fate of humanity. The world is not ruled by the quirks of fate  but neither is it enclosed in the straitjacket imposed by religions.
Here is what true religion means today: learning to respect others as they respect us, helping each other, building an authentic relationship with our partner, giving our children the affection and support they need and concerning ourselves with the fates of the less fortunate. Anyone can have a successful life. Beliefs and superstitions have now been replaced by a humanism that enables us to envision the best possible future for humanity. See complete product information (French)
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19,95 $ CAD
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February 2010
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192 pages
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Raynald Valois

Raynald Valois

Raynald Valois has a doctorate in philosophy and a bachelor's degree in theology. Now retired, he was a professor in the Faculty of Philosophy at Université Laval, where he was also Associate Dean. He has published an essay on symbolic painting entitled À la recherche d'un art perdu. See full author information (French)

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