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Créez la vie qui vous ressemble
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Create a life in your own image

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Créez la vie qui vous ressemble

Our creativity expresses itself in a thousand ways: within each of us lies powerful and abundant creative energy.

Learning to play the guitar, opening a restaurant, starting a second careereach of these projects stems from an idea, an inner call, and becomes reality driven by this invaluable source of creative energy, which defines, supports and nourishes us. Habit, lack of time or self-forgetfulness sometimes causes us to bury it under activities that take us a thousand leagues away from our deepest desires. In addition to explaining how the creative process works, this book examines issues that can hinder the flow of creativity and identifies your best allies on the path to a more satisfying life.

Through playful and very simple exercises, Anne-Marie Jobin helps us easily channel our creative energy and feel its presence in every sphere of our lives. By applying these principles on a daily basis, you'll learn to accept what life offers you with curiosity and compassion, to affirm who you are and to follow your path, one step at a time, while always respecting yourself.

The book's strong points
- A touching and personal book that goes straight to the heart of the obstacles we meet every day in carrying out our projects, reaching our objectives and fulfilling our dreams.
- The popular style makes the book accessible to beginners, while the comprehensive content makes it useful for practitioners as well.
- Art therapy is a discipline whose legitimacy and effectiveness is increasingly recognized by health professionals. See complete product information (French)
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24,95 $ CAD
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April 2013
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232 pages


Anne-Marie Jobin

Anne-Marie Jobin

Anne-Marie Jobin was a community social worker for nearly 10 years. She now trains facilitators certified in the creative journal method and offers many workshops and lectures. She is the author of three other books published by Les Éditions de l'Homme. See full author information (French)

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