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On nous appelait les sauvages
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They Called Us “Savages”

Memories and dreams of a hereditary Algonquin chief

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On nous appelait les sauvages Souvenirs et espoirs d'un chef héréditaire algonquin

A journey into the world of the Amerindians

Books about Amerindians abound, the majority written by non-Natives, though none, until now, has featured the viewpoint and testimony of an Algonquin chief, telling his personal story and that of his fellow Amerindians.

Born on the banks of the majestic Harricana River in Abitibi, Dominique Rankin was quickly singled out to succeed his father as head of his people. The compelling story of this hereditary Algonquin chief is told here—from his early training at age seven to his elevation to the circle of elders a half-century later—encompassing the entire history of the Amerindians as seen through the eyes of an Amerindian himself. Rankin recounts how he survived the harsh conditions of a residential school, one of many set up by provincial governments and religious communities in the last century. Weaving ancient traditions—including the Prophecy of the Seven Fires—and his own life story, the Chief delivers a powerful testimony about respect, pardon and healing, one which leads the reader into the heart of a millennial tradition that many today seek to rediscover. This tradition has now reached a crossroads and confronts a crucial choice between two paths: self-destruction or spirituality.

Having faced several personal ordeals and years spent discovering the non-Native lifestyle, hereditary Algonquin Chief Dominique Rankin now devotes himself to his role as spiritual leader in the Anishinabe tradition, giving lectures and conducting healing sessions around the world. An experienced spiritual leader, healer, teacher and communicator, he is admired for his great sense of humor and irrepressible energy.

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24,95 $ CAD
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September 2011
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160 pages


Marie-Josée Tardif

Marie-Josée Tardif

Marie-Josée Tardif is a journalist and a coach in the field of personal development. She has written several books about contemporary spirituality. See full author information (French)

Dominique Rankin

Dominique Rankin

No english biography of the author. See full author information (French)

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